Introducing our Monthly Subscription Boxes of Miann Treats. 

Our Subscription boxes offering will change every month and include seasonal treats during Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. We are excited to share our vast array of Cacao from around the world.

Every month we will send you out a box containing our favourite products from that month and you will be some of the first to get your hands on our latest products, be it new bars, cookies, marshmallows , candies or more all from our Chocolate Factory Kitchen

You can also choose whether to get the subscription boxes ongoing or as a one off purchase, and if you would like to customise anything please email us to see what we can do to help. 

Our boxes will be mailed on the monthly anniversary of your order of every month and will be accompanied with a description of all the products and where we source our beans from for each bar.  

Subscripton boxes in January will be sent out no earlier than January 10th due to the holiday.