India Anamalai Estate

Regal plantations is located in the scenic Anamalai’s foothills. Nestled close to the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary also know as Top-Slip, the plantations are located in a pristine environment! The location of the plantation ensures that it receives showers from both the North-East & South-West monsoons, coinciding with our harvest seasons.

The cacao is grown as an intercrop along with coconut, nutmeg, pepper and banana creating a melange of interdependent fauna - the corner stone of permaculture - adding to the flavor nuances of our cacao beans. The plantation is pesticide free and managed using principles of aquaculture & permaculture ensuring that the trees get the best nutrition so that they produce great tasting cacao! Every year they select the best trees for their breeding program to cater to an increasing acreage and demand for Indian cacao beans.

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