Miann Chocolate Factory

In October 2019 we under took a new and exciting project in the latest Morningside precinct designed by Nat Cheshire. We started small, making 20-30kg of chocolate a week but that quickly escalated to currently making 450kg per week which we use in all our cakes, gelatos, macarons and of course our Craft Chocolate Bars and seasonal treats.We currently have 10 Origins that we stick to and when we get the chance we get some small batches of cacao in from other growers to keep not only us but our loyal customers interested in new and interesting flavours from around the world.We use cacao from as close as Fiji and Papua New Guinea, to Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Peru and beyond. Every origin has its own personality which works so well for when we create our desserts we can pick a cacao that suits the dessert, be it nutty, fruity, floral.All in all its a pastry chefs dream. and every little boys too.

Need a cake for a celebration? You can order online and have it picked up from our Chocolate factory in morningside

We are situated in the Morningside Precinct in Auckland , New Zealand, we make all our own chocolate for use in our store and in all our patisseries.

Gift Boxes

Need some gift boxes for loved ones or corporate gifts? let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

Online Store

You can buy all our products for shipping nationwide and overseas, We will package it up and get it on the way asap!!

Ethically Sourced Cacao

All the Cacao we use in our chocolate is ethically sourced, no child labour is used on the farms and most of the cacao is Organic. We also use Organic Sugar as the sweetener


We are always looking for good people to join the team, if you have experience and love what you do get in touch, we may have something that suits you!!

Other info


If you require any further information please get in touch

  •  14 McDonald Street, Morningside
  • +64 212 041100
  • eat@miann.co.nz

(may differ on public holidays)






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When Covid hit our shores we had to think quick and make clever decisions, one of the great things to come out of the situations were our glasshouse.You can come out and have dessert, Hot Chocolates, gelato and more in our Glasshouses when we are open. Please dress according to the weather as they are not heated. Wrap up if its cold!!