Fiji, Raki Raki

Market Access for All Cocoa Farmers

Cacaofiji was started after observing that the Rakiraki farmers lacked a consistent market access . This is was due to poor quality of beans due to improper processing. Therefore, Cacao Fiji embarked and set up a central processing station in Nunukoloa, RA and provide market access to all farmers by buying wet cocoa beans.

Cacao Fiji work with smallholder cocoa farmers in rural areas by providing market access and technical support to increase income and impact livelyhoods. They buy from farmers in areas of high poverty and high unemployment , encourage farmers to maintain and do new planting of cocoa that minimizes environmental impact.

Cocoa Fiji look to impact the cocoa farmers in the following areas:
Increase their incomes, improve food security via intercropping and strengthen their resilience via ongoing support systems.

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