Winter Garden Glass Houses

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Winter Garden Glass House

Miann Chocolate Factory Wintergarden Glass Houses
With the world being in such a fluid and changing state we have decided to create a beautiful little experience in our Miann Chocolate Factory Gardens, 14 McDonald Street, Morningside, Introducing our Wintergardens Glass Houses.

We will be taking bookings for the houses so you can bring your friends along and enjoy dessert under the stars rain, wind or shine. Outside of the bookings the Glass Houses will be available for customers to use should they be free.

We have lauched our 3 Wintergarden Greenhouses in the Miann Chocolate Factory Courtyard. Creating a bubble for you and your friends when coming to Miann. We can accomodate 2 to 6 people (6 is pretty intimate )]

Book Your Bubble

We will be taking bookings for our Glasshouse during alert levels 1 & 2 . They are the perfect spot to hang out with families and friends.
We offer a couple of options for the glass houses, throughout the daytime we have an afternoon tea offering with pastries, scones, savouries and more  available for $60 per person.
We also have a plated dessert option. Your group will receive (each) a plated dessert, drink from our menu, and then when you are finished you will get to take one of our cakes and a craft chocolate bar to take home.
Bookings will be available on once we know we are moving to level 2

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Perfect Dessert Spots

With our a la carte menus, cabinets full of treat, gelato, cakes, macarons and of course our extensive single origin hot chocolate menu its a no brainer to come have dessert at any of our Miann Stores.

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