Craft Chocolate Experience San Francisco March 2020

Just before the cover-19 pandemic swept the world we headed to San Francisco to join over 90 craft chocolate makers at the inaugural Craft Chocolate Experience. It was an epic event in the most beautiful of settings, The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is one of the most impressive venue settings Ive seen.

And with so many talented chocolate makers on show, informative talks(lots had to be cancelled due to social distancing) and a lot of downtime socialising with other makers in between the events there were so many great memories created.

It was a great experience to take Miann Chocolate Factory overseas, something which we will be focusing in on when things get back to normal. Great new friends made and some amazing Chocolates to try, meeting many of our Cacao suppliers was a highlight, to put a face to a name often read in emails, or quick calls makes our community a little bit tighter a closer together.

On our last day before leaving for New Zealand Greg from Dandelion organised for most of the visiting chocolate makers to check out the new Dandelion Chocolate Factory, Impressive in stature, style and boy we would love to get our hands on some of the equipment in there.