The Easter that didn't happen Miann 2020

Happy Easter
Its quite fitting our first blog post falls on Easter, the season of chocolate, eggs and rabbits and for the first time, in a professional capacity I actually get to spend my easter at home with loved ones due to corona-virus locking down Auckland. With a little one on the way that really lays down a little bit of perspective on whats really important in live. 
Sadly for many of you, you will have missed out on the classic Miann treats. Our Easter eggs and various chocolate rabbits and other treat, Easter Macarons and of course them Hot Cross buns. We didn't like the idea of you going without our buns this easter so we have provided our Hot Cross Bun recipe and instructions on our social pages as well as below, exactly how we make it at the shop, so you can share some time making and creating with the family. Reconnecting and creating Lockdown memories.
As a business its definitely tricky times and when we reopen we will be preparing for new normals be that takeaways, more space in our restaurants, whatever it is we will be working to create a safe environment for not only our customers but our staff too. To help a bit of a quick comeback we are creating a 'Mid Winter Easter', and will have Easter eggs, hot cross buns and Easter Macarons available. 
We have taken this time also to work on our online offering to be able to reach more people and you'll see a few new products on there as well as some new subscription services. and of course blogging, we hope to keep this as a work in progress to keep you more up to date on our happenings, we can go a bit more in depth that a Facebook or Instagram post can be.
Hot Cross Bun Recipe.
Hot Cross Bun Recipe