Miann Chocolate Factory

As of October 2018 we undertook a project to create and make all of our own chocolate, from bean to bar.

We import beans from over 20 different farms worldwide and bring them to New Zealand to be made into the chocolate that goes into our Cakes, Gelato, Hot Chocolates and much more.

Our Chocolate Factory is open for desserts and hot chocolates from Thursday to Saturday, check out our hours on the about page.

We are now among very few patisseries in the world that make their own chocolate to create their own desserts. 

At Miann Chocolate Factory, we pride ourselves on using the best ethically sourced cacao and organic cane sugar in our chocolate making. For our Milk and White Chocolates, we use the finest New Zealand Milk Powder.When your ingredients are of the highest quality, you can let them speak for themselves. It is only up to us to highlight the nuances and flavour profiles through careful roasting & conching.

Each origin will vary slightly for different harvest years but will generally keep the nuances that make each special. We think of each year as a vintage, much like a winemaker would when making wine.

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Miann Fort Street

/me-ann/ noun derived from Gaelic, meaning to desire, to crave.

Miann Fort Street is the flagship store of the Miann brand. The production for both Miann stores happens here, in a large open kitchen where the chefs spend their time tempering chocolate, crafting gateaux and plating fine desserts.
Guests can watch the masters in action from the comfort of their own table in the cosy, 45-seat space. At the heart of this restaurant is a custom-made 6 metre display cabinet, full of the finest sweets, chocolates and patisserie you can imagine.
An a la carte menu is also available to guests choosing to dine in, and this menu features a selection of innovative, unique and seasonal dishes, all plated to perfection.

Miann Britomart

Nestled in beside the elegant shopfronts of Tiffany's and Chanel, Miann Britomart is Brian & Roselle's second restaurant in Auckland, housed in the newly refurbished Arthur Nathan Building. Miann Britomart has a specific focus on single origin chocolates.

Here you'll find an incredible selection of petit gateaux, macarons, chocolates and gelato, to enjoy in the restaurant or takeway.

An extensive drinks menu features coffee from Coffee Supreme and a selection of eight bespoke hot chocolates, each made with the finest chocolate from our very own craft chocolate factory in Morningside, Auckland chocolatier . Miann Britomart is the ultimate destination for pure indulgence. Stop by today for a sweet treat and memorable experience.

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